May 5, 2011

Who wears short shorts?

I have a long and well-documented history of loving shorts. I'd prefer them over skirts and they are probably on par with my love for wearing dresses. A summer pair of shorts can be worn with tights for winter and they can be dressed up in many ways. How versatile!

Shorts are great for music festivals (wearing my favourite corduroy shorts from AA) like Hop Farm

Shorts are great for summer (vintage Levis cut-offs)

Shorts make you happy (vintage Levis cut-offs that I left in the UK for some dumb reason) and are great for exploring in abandoned parks in Liverpool

Shorts are great for making you look like an air hostess when you actually want to look like Sailor Mercury (Country Road shorts borrowed from a friend)

Shorts are great for pretending you are Pania of the Reef (shorts from Country Road)

And, of course, shorts are babin'. RIP the beautiful Elizabeth Taylor.
For the impending Mother's Day, I was treated to a wee spree on ASOS and purchased a pair of woollen shorts after being totally inspired by Fashion Westie wearing her pair from Stolen Girlfriend's Club, making the path to motherhood look hot. Here's hoping my pair arrive before Sunday. Mothers Day. I opted for the ASOS version so as to make my money streeeeeeetch for longer.


  1. The ASOS pair are pretty mean and MUCH more pocket friendly! Did they arrive in time for Mothers Day?

  2. You mean Sailor Mars? :P Mmmm I can't wait to see you rocking those woollen babies, I'd love to try just too chicken!