June 20, 2011

Home Improvement

For what seems like forever now, we have been on the hunt for a sideboard. Buzz words to the like of "danish" and "Scandinavian" were floating around. Hours were spent trawling on Trade Me. Hours were spent drooling at the perfection of The Brick House. Hours were spent hating what we already had, a 70's cabinet that smelled like air freshener that my boyfriend got for free outside a hospice shop. I hated it and it's giant gold handle from the moment I saw it. I dreamt of this:

That thing to the left behind all the other great vintage things that I would also happily have

So understated. So practical looking. Soooooo attractive.
 Instead, we had this:

A blight on our beautiful, exposed brick wall

It only had one door. All the crap we have didn't fit on it. It had a stupid, ugly handle. It HAD TO GO.

Et voila!

 Helllooooo sexy. It manages to hold all my man's video games and their respective playing machines. All our dvds and our cds. It is a much better colour and thus looks much better with the brick. The fat tv is on borrowed time as it will soon be replaced by a flat screen. The stereo is also on borrowed time as I want to move it elsewhere and put some sort of plant there. I'm also toying with the idea of putting some sort of art where that woven flax flower is but I like just having the brick for now. It's not the sideboard of my dreams but it is a start.

But, there you have it. Much better but not yet perfect. I can breathe out now.


  1. I really love the chair in the second photo! very classy!