July 18, 2011

Dress to Impress

Well lookeeee here, I'm almost done. The back and the front are finished but I did decide to forgo the really difficult looking neckline in favour of some thin straps which I just made myself instead.

Next up came the sewing a.k.a. my least favourite part:

Followed by choosing buttons:

Wood wins. Bows are far to cutesy for my little terror.

Et voila!

Question: How much wool can one baby wear? Answer: Loads/never enough/all of the wool ever.

I should really block the dress so that it stops curling up at the bottom...but I probably never will.

Dress adapted from this pattern and made on two needles instead of circular needles. And I also knitted my own kind of straps. It was very, very easy!

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  1. Hi! i came here from Velvet Bird, also in New Zealand, and appreciative of Flat Whites - though i don't drink many now since having my babes and moving out to THE HUTT. i had a brief stalk through your blog and see we both have a liking for Kimbra's hair and Kaitoke park. gorgeous, GORGEOUS knitting btw.